Virtual Chief Diversity Officer

A virtual Chief Diversity Officer (vCDO) provides thought leadership in identifying strategies for leveraging or increasing the current diversity of an organization. They help advance a culture of Equity and Inclusion customizing interventions that enhance an organization’s mission, vision and values.

Through monthly consulting, a vCDO ensures that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) is embedded in the culture of an organization and that there is ongoing dialogue and strategic planning. The number of hours is determined in accordance to the goals but typically consists of 10-15 hours per month after the initial engagement for at least one year.


Responsibilities of a vCDO:


  • Assessment of the DEI landscape in the company (sentiment, culture and metrics).
  • Partner in the creation of a DEI strategy including KPI definition and targets.
  • Partner with the People/HR department to review and develop key policies and practices fostering diverse talent acquisition and talent development.
  • Participate in board meetings and discussions bringing the DEI lens to current operations and strategic decisions.
  • Participate with the executive team to craft Diversity and Inclusion statements.
  • Partner with the HR & legal department to respond to critical incidents.
  • Provide targeted executive one-on-one coaching that explores the complexity of diversity and inclusion subjects and the impact of their management styles.
  • Participate in Change and Culture Management initiatives related to the company’s DEI strategy.
  • Develop training programs on Bias Awareness and Inclusive Leadership.
  • Work with internal resources (and help identify them if needed) that will be operationalizing the DEI Strategy.
  • Guide the creation or ongoing sponsorship of Employee Resource Groups.
  • Attend or present work at staff meetings or all-hands, brainstorms, strategy sessions, retreats.
  • Function as a 3rd party Mediator for employee conflict resolution.
  • Vector U possesses the experience to be a successful change agent bringing deep business acumen to the organizations we serve.  Vector U will impact an organization communicating effectively across all levels, implementing programs and metrics that prove to be a catalyst to meet business goals.