Diversity and Inclusion Development

  • When you look at your organization do you only see one gender or ethnicity?  Have you heard that this lack of diversity is likely hurting your growth and profitability, but are not sure what changes you need to make or how to go about implementing them?
  • Does your employee engagement survey show that your people are not happy and you fear increased turnover or low performance?  (or do you not have an engagement survey and would like to?)
  • Have your current efforts in DE&I been met with skepticism or even had a negative outcome leaving you feeling like conversations on these issues end up in a lose-lose proposition?
  • Do you want your company to reflect your values of inclusiveness and equity?
  • Do you want to ensure that your policies are bias free and that your efforts go beyond checking a box?
  • Do you want to build an inclusive culture that brings people together and utilizes your employees’ capabilities to their full potential?

We understand that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion entails more than just concepts to learn and that the integration of these principles fundamentally informs or alters the DNA and culture of an organization.


Our approach meets you and your company where you are today, we create a customized step-by-step plan to clarify your objectives and put your strategy in place.


Whether you already have a plan that you want to expand or assess, or you are starting from ground zero, we will provide you with guidance to effectively and successfully utilize DE&I as a tool to meet your business objectives.

We will partner with you and provide you with tools and the right level of support to meet your specific needs.


“If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together”

African Proverb


Below you can find an example of the types of activities and initiatives that will help you reap the benefits of an inclusive culture.

Foundational Level

  • Diversity and Inclusion Corporate Statement
  1. Clearly articulate how your organizational values emerge in the context of Diversity and Inclusion and how they strategically map to your business objectives.


  • DE&I Basic Learning
  1. Training and education to internalize the concepts of Unconscious Bias, Power and Privilege, Inclusive Leadership, and Cultural Competence
  2. Data and Intelligence as a compass
  3. Engagement and Inclusion survey data to identify gaps and quick impact work as well as focus groups and listening sessions to understand your employees experiences.  (Use quantitative  and qualitative data)

Advanced Level

  • A DE&I lense for policy/procedure review
  1. Ensure your Talent Management practices and policies are not based on systemic biases and prejudices.  (Job postings, Interviews, Selection, Performance Evaluation, Employee handbook, etc).


  • DE&I Advanced Learning
  1. Advanced DE&I training and education in the areas of bystander training, white privilege, and equitable business practices.
  2. Metric Definition
  3. Define your organizational DE&I Key Performance Indicators (KPI) and collect, assess and report the data to create a data-driven DE&I culture.

Champion Level

  • Strategic Plan

Develop and execute a strategic 1-5 year DE&I plan to define objectives and measure outcomes and establish an evergreen process to gather and apply feedback to improve your strategic plan.


  • Culture
  1. DE&I is included as a dimension of job performance where employees have a place to make their voices heard.
  2. Conflict is addressed diligently and proactively through the engagement of neutral parties creating an open and healthy climate (Mediation, Ombudsman, etc).

Advocate Level

Progressive move towards committing to an equitable and fair society, considering actions like becoming a part of a diversity advisory council to help their industry develop and advance in their systemic commitments.