About Vector U

Change is a fact of life. In a business setting, it can be caused by growth, new ventures, and management turnover or policy changes. Most people are unsettled by change; however, the better change is managed, the easier it is to quickly realize its benefits and mitigate the risks associated with it. 

Vector U is a full service Change Management firm

We provide a full range of services that will be impactful to the creation of sustainable change with the lens of an inclusive culture.

Diversity and Inclusion

We understand the need to create sustainable D&I initiatives, rally the whole organization behind that strategy and ensure the efforts are measurable and embedded into existing processes. We will meet you where you are ensuring and set a course to successfully develop a resilient and innovative organization through a diverse and inclusive culture.

Organizational Development

Through industry proven survey instruments (MBTI and TKI) we will provide individual preference profiles and bring that information to a teamwork context that will enhance your communication and problem solving capabilities.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict is part of the human experience, allow us to serve you and your organization as a neutral party providing Mediation & Arbitration services to get you back on track as a collaborative and productive team.

Leadership Coaching

Regardless of the level you hold in your organization, we believe that true success, fulfillment and impact requires a new approach to leadership – one that is aligned, holistic and inclusive. Inclusive leadership seeks to co-create the conditions that allow you, your team, your clients and/or your community to fully align with who you are, your unique perspective and experience, and your personal strengths.

"Our mission is to help organizations build more innovative, diverse and inclusive cultures, increase their competitive advantage and improve business performance."
Venus Piñeyro
CEO Inclusion Plus Institute